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With love from Hogan, Lilly, Crosby, Brody, Maxwell, Tanner, Griff and Claude

Just a quick thank you note to Dr. Barnard and the rest of the staff at Bellview West. In our crazy busy world I know it isn't often that we share and/or hear positive feedback about our experiences with local businesses. Today, I want to make a point to say how much I, and my family appreciate all that you do for our pets!

Over the past 10 years you have taken care of 8, of our 4 legged family members. You have done everything to simple shots and puppy checks to surgery, extracted items of clothing and toys from upset tummies, trimmed broken nails, x-rays looking for puppies to helping with decisions that ultimately led to end of life care. Every step of the way my own family, my dad and my brother knew that they could trust you, that you really care. Honestly, how many Dr.'s sit on the floor and are loved on by our pets!

Dr. Barnard, thank you for always being there for our dogs but also there for us when we have questions and concerns! We are one big family that recommends you to everyone who will listen!!!

The Leopoldus/Eickelman Family

Hogan, Lilly, Crosby, Brody, Maxwell, Tanner, Griff and Claude