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If you’re new to pet ownership, you may have questions about pet vaccinations and the role they play in your pet’s health and wellness. Pets, like people, are susceptible to life-threatening diseases. Vaccinations help strengthen your pet’s immune system against these diseases to protect his overall health. If you live in Littleton or surrounding communities, you can bring your furry friend to Belleview West Animal Hospital for the vaccinations he needs to live a long, healthy life. 


Importance of Pet Vaccinations

Regardless of where you live, you never know when your pet will be exposed to a harmful disease. Some diseases are incurable, but can be prevented through a vaccination. By vaccinating your pet at an early age, you help him develop immunity against serious diseases. Some vaccines minimize a disease’s symptoms to protect your pet from serious harm, while others protect your pet from infection altogether to keep him in good health.

Vaccinations not only protect your pet, they protect you and your family from catching a disease from your pet. Some diseases can be passed to people from animals. By protecting your pet’s health, you reduce your risk of getting sick as well. In like manner, vaccinating your pet protects other animals your pet comes into contact with around your neighborhood or in the park. Immunizing your pet keeps him from spreading diseases to other animals where you live.

Essential Vaccines for Your Pet

Vaccinations can be divided into two categories: core vaccines and non-core vaccines. Core vaccines are those all pets should get as they protect them from severe diseases. Non-core vaccines are given according to a pet’s location and lifestyle. If you live in an area where a certain disease is prevalent or your pet’s lifestyle puts him at risk of a specific disease, your veterinarian may recommend your pet be vaccinated against that disease to protect his health.

  • Core vaccines for dogs are those that protect them from rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvo-virus and parainfluenza. These four diseases are all covered by the DHPP vaccine. 
  • Core vaccines for cats are rabies, the feline combination (FVRCP) vaccination, and feline leukemia.

Your Littleton vet can personalize a vaccination schedule for your pet to keep him protected long-term.

An Ounce of Prevention

When it comes to harmful diseases, prevention is definitely better than paying for costly treatments to restore your pet’s health. Vaccines are a cost-effective means of protecting your pet against sickness and diseases that threaten his health and happiness.

See Our Veterinarian in Littleton for Pet Vaccinations

To schedule vaccinations for your kit or pup, contact Belleview West Animal Hospital in Littleton at 303-979-1090.