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Pet Vaccinations with our Veterinarian in Littleton, CO

Pet owners in Littleton, CO know they can trust Belleview West Animal Hospital with their vaccination and veterinary care needs. What they may not understand is why vaccinations are so vital to a pet’s health, development, and quality of life. These are just a few quick reasons why it is so important for pet owners to take vaccinations for their pets seriously.


Pet Vaccines Help Pets and their Families

Pet vaccinations are absolutely critical for helping pet populations around the world, and much closer to home, thrive and flourish. Estimates state that vaccinations are responsible for saving the lives of millions of animals to date. They have been so highly effective that many diseases, once prevalent among pet populations, are all but eradicated in certain parts of the world.

In pet homes, they offer a wide range of benefits to pets and their owners, too. These are a few benefits that make vaccinations for your pet a wise investment:

  • They prevent many pet illnesses.
  • They can help owners avoid expensive, preventable treatments.
  • May prevent diseases that pass from animal to animal and can be passed to humans as well.
  • Diseases that vaccinations exist for, like rabies, can affect other pets that are unvaccinated.
  • Some vaccinations are required by law in most U.S. cities.

Vaccinations for Young Animals

Puppies and kittens require vaccinations in series. Each one is administered within a specific timeframe. This seems curious to many pet owners but it is set up that way for a very important reason. Their young bodies are still maturing, and their immune systems aren’t fully developed. The first dose is meant to act as a primer for the immune system. It is later doses that actually encourage the animals’ bodies to produce the much-needed antibodies on their own.

Failing to complete the series, may cause ineffective or insufficient protection making these animals vulnerable to conditions you believe they’re protected against. Ideally, vaccines are administered three to four weeks apart from eight weeks until about four months of age.

Common side effects from vaccinations include discomfort at the injection site, mild fever, and a loss of appetite or energy immediately afterward. These reactions should be of little concern to owners as they are typical. However, more severe reactions, including persistent vomiting, hives, swelling around the head and face, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms are a cause for concern. Contact our Littleton veterinary clinic right away if your pet experiences these symptoms after a vaccination.

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