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Eye Infection

Your pet's eyes should not be red, swollen, watery, or itchy. If it doesn't resolve on its own after about a day, there's a good chance your pet is suffering from an eye infection. Many things can cause eye infections for a pet, including mites, irritants, bacteria, or severe allergies. Belleview West Animal Hospital in Littleton, CO, helps pets with eye infections year-round.


Knowing What to Look For

Living in Colorado, we experience both beautiful and harsh conditions. This combination can cause irritants such as air pollutants, mold, and mildew to remain in the air and creep into our homes during certain seasons. Simple allergies in your pet can turn into an infection without the proper care. Some eye infections can be dangerous for your pet, especially if your breed of pet is already predisposed to eye issues.

You'll want to watch for excessive tear production. Red and swollen eyes are an immediate tip-off, especially if this is new for your fur companion. Discharge from the eye requires immediate veterinary attention. A pet may be experiencing slight redness or watery discharge but also have extreme sensitivity on the face, the sides of the eyes, and the top of the head.

Why You Should Bring Your Pet to the Vet Clinic

Letting our vet examine your pet allows us to spot patterns, minor issues before they become big ones. If a problem is detected early, it's far easier to treat the issue rather than letting it wait. Our veterinarian will determine whether or not your pet’s symptoms are due to an eye infection and provide treatment correspondingly.

Possible Dangerous Eye Infection Warning Signs

If your pet has an object in its eye, it won't stop scratching at its eyes, or you see puss coming out of any area of the eye, then you need to contact our vet clinic right away for instructions. Suppose your pet is experiencing redness or itchiness and is combined with other illness symptoms like a change in behavior, lethargy, coughing, sneezing, trouble eating or drinking, open sores on the skin, or bright red shiny spots developing anywhere on your pet's skin. In that case, you should also contact us for assistance as soon as possible.

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