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Dog Dental Exams and Cleaning

Pet Dental Care at Belleview West Animal Hospital, Your Veterinarian in Littleton, CO

Pets rely on their teeth more extensively than humans do, if only because they need to carry objects around in their mouths. If you want your pet to enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health, you need to think not only in terms to treating any dental problems that come up, but also about preventative care to keep those problems from occurring in the first place. You can find both kinds of pet dental care here at Belleview Animal Hospital. Our Littleton veterinarian can provide the dental checkups, cleanings, and treatments to help your pet have a healthier, more comfortable life.


A Healthy Pet Needs a Healthy Mouth

The health of your pet's mouth plays a key role in his overall well-being. For one thing, the more efficiently your pet can chew, the more thoroughly he can digest essential nutrients. Additionally, bacterial infiltration of the teeth and gums can keep going until it reaches the bloodstream. From there, the bacteria can travel to any part of your pet's body, including the brain or heart. You need to protect your pet against situations such as:

  • Periodontal disease - This degenerative condition of the gums occurs when bacteria on tartar initiate an inflammatory reaction that destroys the gum tissue.
  • Cracked, broken, or decayed teeth - These problems not only make chewing painful, they can also allow bacteria to create raging infections.
  • Oral cancer - Cancers of the oral cavity can be difficult for owners to spot. If they aren't found and treated quickly, however, they can cause deformity or even death.

Exams, Cleanings and Treatments from Our Littleton Veterinarian

Our Littleton veterinarian, Dr. Ross Bernard, can help your pet maintain a healthier mouth through regular dental evaluations. These evaluations serve the same purpose as the dental checkups that your human family members receive. We can take X-rays, examine your pet's gums for signs of periodontal disease, and detect early-stage oral cancer in time to provide treatment. We can also repair (or if need be, extract) a fractured or diseased tooth.

While your pet is in the "dentist's chair," you'll want to let us administer a deep cleaning under anesthesia as well. This comprehensive cleaning gets at the built-up tartar that might never come off otherwise, thus reducing the risk of periodontal disease. We'll even show you some useful tips and tricks for between-visit pet dental hygiene.

Schedule Pet Dental Care Today With Our Littleton Veterinarian

Your pet deserves the chance to eat without pain and experience his best health, so give him that opportunity. Call our Littleton office today at (303) 979-1090 to schedule pet dental care!