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Pet Anxiety

Seek Help for Pet Anxiety From a Trusted Veterinarian Near You

Your pet can experience anxiety just like you can, so understanding pet anxiety signs and their implications is crucial for ensuring your pet gets proper care and treatment. Your veterinarian near you at Belleview West Animal Hospital in Littleton, CO, can determine the causes of your pet’s anxiety and provide effective treatment to keep it happy and healthy. Continue reading to learn about pet anxiety causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Pet Anxiety

What Is Pet Anxiety?

Pet anxiety occurs when an animal is experiencing emotional distress and discomfort. This distress can cause several anxious behaviors, including growling or trembling. Pet anxiety symptoms can vary, often depending on your pet’s personality. Your pet can experience anxiety due to several reasons ranging from separation from their owner to sudden changes in its environment.

Causes and Contributors of Pet Anxiety

All pets and their personalities are different. You must observe your pet closely to spot changes in behavior that may indicate anxiety. Some common causes of this condition in pets include separation from their owner, living in a hostile or unsafe environment, forced social interaction with other pets, and sudden changes to their routine or home. Your pet can even experience anxiety from declining cognitive functioning due to aging.

Common Signs of Pet Anxiety in Animals

Your pet can showcase several signs or symptoms of anxiety. Some of the most common signs of this condition include:

•             Weight Gain or Weight Loss: Weight fluctuations may indicate anxiety or another health-related issue. Rapid weight gain or loss can indicate severe pet anxiety. Your pet may also experience a loss of appetite.

•             Growling and Increased Aggression: Anxiety typically stems from unease and feeling scared. Anxiety may cause your pet to lash out, even if it does not intend to harm you.

•             Trembling or Hiding: Pets with severe anxiety may tremble or constantly try to hide under furniture.

Visit your veterinarian near you if your pet exhibits any of these signs of anxiety. They can determine the underlying cause of your pet’s condition and provide appropriate treatment to ease symptoms.

Pet Anxiety Treatments

Your veterinarian near you can determine the cause of your pet’s anxiety and help develop an at-home regimen to treat and manage the condition. Your veterinarian may recommend regular exercise and bonding time with your pet to keep it fit and feel more at ease. They can also suggest pet training to reduce the risk of your pet developing anxiety from social interactions. Your veterinarian may provide medication to ease your pet’s symptoms.

Visit Your Veterinarian Near You in Littleton, CO, to Treat Your Pet’s Anxiety

Having a pet suffering from anxiety can be devastating, especially if the condition affects its quality of life and ability to relax or remain calm. Belleview West Animal Hospital in Littleton, CO, will determine the root cause of your pet’s anxiety and provide treatment to maintain its comfort and happiness, so call us and schedule an appointment today at (303) 979-1090.