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Dog Vaccinations

At Bellevue West Animal Hospital in Littleton, CO, we are committed to improving your dog’s health and wellness. We provide a variety of services, such as vaccinations, that can protect your pet from infectious diseases and extend its lifespan. Before scheduling your appointment, learn about the importance of vaccinations below:

dog vaccination

The Importance of Vaccinations

Vaccinations are as important for dogs as they are for humans. They help prevent your dog from contracting serious diseases from other dogs and the environment. When your furry friend receives the necessary vaccines on time, it can protect him or her against infections like rabies, Lyme disease, and canine parvovirus.  

Recommended Vaccines

Your dog will need to receive its immunizations at specific intervals as prescribed by our vet. The schedule is based on the dog’s age, weight, risk, and vaccination history. The vaccines are liquid injections that are placed under the dog's skin with small needles that usually don't cause much discomfort. Some vaccinations our vet may recommend include:

  • Rabies 
  • Distemper 
  • Parvovirus 
  • Adenovirus
  • Bordetella 

By law, the rabies vaccine must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. We will provide you with the documentation you need and a rabies tag to affix to your dog’s collar to prove its status once the vaccination is complete. There are also some vaccines that can help protect your puppy, such as the following:

  • Canine influenza 
  • Coronavirus 
  • Lyme disease 
  • Leptospirosis 

Our team will ensure that your pet stays comfortable during the visit and we can provide treats once he or she gets its vaccines. We also recommend that your dog receive a monthly heartworm preventative, which comes in the form of a tasty chew your furry friend will love. 

When Should You Vaccinate Your Pet?

The best time to vaccinate your dog is when it is between six and eight months old. Puppy vaccinations are the most important, since your furry friend’s body and immune system are still developing. Your puppy has a higher risk of getting sick and contracting a serious disease that an older dog may be able to fight off. Our vet will provide you with a schedule to follow, which will let you know when vaccines are due and help your dog stay up-do-date on its immunizations.

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