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Pet Diabetes

Just like humans have to have annual physical exams, it's important to get your pets to the vet in order to conduct preventative pet exam. A preventative exam will help determine if your pets are currently suffering from any diseases, help protect them against common elements such as Heartworms, fleas, and ticks, and make sure they are up-to-date with all their vaccinations. Having a preventative exam will help extend the lives of your pets and help them live longer, happier lives!

Pet Diabetes

At Farview Veterinary Hospital in Independence, MO, we're here to help our community get the help they need for their pets. We offer preventative pet exam appointments for your cat and dog, vaccinations, parasite control, pet dental exams, and much more! You can find all the help you need to make sure your pets stay healthy at our animal hospital.

What to Expect at a Preventative Pet Exam

We all wish that our pets could talk. However, as your pet parent, our veterinarian will ask you questions about the state of your pets' health. We will ask you about any changes that they have recently undergone, such as changes in appetite, mood, behavior, or if you're noticing anything about their physical health. Next, we will ask if you have given your pets all of their shots.

Our veterinarian will want to know about any changes in weight, what your pets' diet is like, and any genetic history if it is available. Our vet will be able to answer all of your concerns during the preventative exam, as well as suggest any lifestyle changes or new medication for your pets. 

How a Pet Exam Helps

A pet exam is an essential tool in order to provide preventative care for your pet. During a pet exam your pets might undergo pet dental care in order to prevent plaque and cavity buildup. They might also receive their vaccinations in order to prevent fatal dog and cat diseases. For instance, a rabies vaccination is an essential component of any preventative exam, and can help save your pets' lives from a condition known as rabies. This is just one example of the many vaccinations available to help keep your pets healthy.

Parasite control, such as medication for fleas and ticks, can also be available to your pets during a pet exam!

Save Your Pets' Lives

Pet exams will determine the overall status of your pets' health, diagnose them with serious illnesses, and save their lives. Stop by Farview Veterinary Hospital Today for your pet exam!