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Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition Basics

Few things are as important for pet health as the right diet. If your companion enjoys a healthy diet, it could greatly reduce the risk of conditions like pet obesity. Ultimately, nutrition is a crucial component of preventive care, and as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’d like to learn more about nutrition and want to work with a vet who services Littleton and other areas nearby, contact Belleview West Animal Hospital.

We’ll cover some of the key considerations regarding nutrition, preventive care, and other related issues. However, this is a vast field, so it’s wise to work with a vet to learn more. When it comes to preventive care, few things will have as big an impact as nutrition and diet. 

pet nutrition

Nutrition and Pet Health Explored

A balanced, healthy diet customized for your animal companion can go a long way toward improving his or her quality of life. Among other things, a sound diet can reduce the risk of pet obesity. Unfortunately, if your pet is overweight, he or she may be more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Pet obesity can also contribute to conditions like arthritis because extra weight on the bones and joints may cause them to wear out more quickly.

If your pet is suffering from nutritional deficiencies, such as vitamin deficiencies, it could disrupt many biological processes. Just like people, animals need to have access to the right nutrients. Otherwise, they may be at an increased risk of things like kidney disease, liver disease, and other conditions. Regarding such conditions, proper nutrition can be an excellent form of preventive care.

Ultimately, the right diet and nutrition will make it more likely that your pet will enjoy a long, healthy life. Not only that, but a good diet can improve their quality of life as well. Pet owners who care about their pets should partner with a vet to design a diet that promotes health.

Different Diets at Different Ages

As you grow older, your nutritional needs will change. Many pets will go through a similar cycle. The needs of a puppy may be much different than the needs of a senior canine. The same is true for a kitten versus a senior cat. It can be hard for owners to know what their companions need, but a veterinarian can help.

Watch Out for Food Allergies

Many pets suffer from food allergies, and their owners may never even realize it. Food allergies can result in vomiting, diarrhea, and also less obvious symptoms, like general lethargy. You’ll want to watch out for allergies, and avoiding exposure can help improve pet health.

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